High impact support and framework to build a high performing strategic procurement function.

The traditional view of procurement as a tactical buying function, perhaps managing contract renewals and running tenders is somewhat limiting for today’s global corporations. Modern strategic procurement is a vital component to secure increased competitive advantage and build brand value, connecting supply chain possibilities with end customer needs and aspirations. The journey from tactical to strategic requires a well-managed transformation change program and we have vast experience of helping organizations do just this and we can design the transformation journey that will help you achieve your corporate goals.

1 – Diagnostic

Gain meaningful insight into your procurement team and function as the first step towards procurement transformation. Our diagnostic stage helps you baseline your current situation and begin to understand your readiness for change.

A managed competency assessment measures the capability of your procurement team against the 25 strategic procurement competencies and forms the basis to determine a learning and development program. A functional diagnostic examines the key aspects of procurement within the organization to provide an assessment of the function overall, the readiness for, or gap from, best practice strategic procurement and even, if you wish, world class procurement. This functional baseline provides the basis to determine future structure, strategy and objectives and the specific changes needed for procurement transformation.

2 – Roadmap

A managed approach to deliver the roadmap that will transform procurement within your organization. Based upon the diagnostic findings together with a determination of the required level of procurement intervention for the organization, we will help you develop a program for change covering all the key enabling factors.

This stage includes supply base segmentation and opportunity analysis to determine those suppliers who are important and the priorities for supplier and category based projects that will deliver the most impact.

This stage also includes support to determine the future strategy, aims, objectives for the function, the required governance structure based upon our 5P governance framework within a short to medium term deployment program.

3 – Delivery

We provide the core components of strategic procurement transformation including capability development through high impact, inspirational classroom training in Category Management, SRM and Red Sheet Negotiation, staff coaching, and equipping your organization and team with access to best practice processes, toolkits and eLearning on demand through 5i Online, Red Sheet online or a Corporate Academy. We can help you implement your transformation roadmap and manage the program to achieve this within your company.

4 – Results

Dramatic cost reduction, reduced risk, unlocking supply base value and innovation are all possible – but only with a quality implementation of a procurement transformation program. We work with you to ensure that your program realizes and even exceeds its objectives and delivers the required results to the organization. But this is not something that can be left to chance. Working with you to ensure the 5P governance approach is firmly embedded, we support the change program with senior and executive coaching along the way and by helping you make sure your cross-functional teams stretch for the game-changing outcomes rather than settling for small, incremental improvements. Finally, we help you measure how far you have come by equipping you to establish benefits tracking, measurement and a means to communicate effectively the success stories to help win ongoing and future support for the new procurement function.

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