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High impact specialist procurement and negotiation training that delivers real results

Our learning and development programs deliver real and sustainable capability uplift for key procurement or negotiation skills. We provide inspirational in-house, open and eLearning courses based around the proven 5i® Category Management, Orchestra of SRM® (Supplier Relationship Management) and Red Sheet® Negotiation methodologies. We also design and deliver bespoke training courses built around your unique and specific needs.

Our world renowned training will develop the core procurement competencies for your specialist procurement team, establishing common language and ways of working that will enable you to achieve a significant increase in the value your organization can secure from its sourcing approach, suppliers and supply base.

Our Buying Fundamentals course, developed for non-procurement people, helps upskill the rest of the business with the essential skills needed to manage suppliers and drive a common aligned, good practice and company wide approach to sourcing.

Red Sheet Negotiation training delivers high impact negotiation capability for sales, procurement, project managers, government, diplomatic personnel and anyone who needs to negotiate professionally. Red Sheet training helps bring confidence in achieving required negotiation outcomes and has been proven to dramatically boost the effectiveness of negotiators following this training.

We offer an extensive range of learning and development solutions which are available as stand-alone training solutions or as part of a managed procurement transformation. Our competency assessment programs provide a measured analysis of individual and team gaps as the basis for a tailored learning and development program that targets skills development where most needed. This, together with our diagnostic programs, means we can support you through every step of the journey towards achieving a more strategic and effective – or even world class – procurement function.

In-house courses

High impact classroom training delivered at your venue for your team

Modular and customizable to match your specific requirements, our training courses have been carefully designed to maximize the learning experience. Using an Activity Based Learning approach, we link training within the classroom to real experience and to the issues you currently face. Our highly skilled education teams are able to draw upon their own procurement or negotiation practitioner expertise to bring the training to life with real-world examples and case studies. Our blended learning combines a mixture of lecture styles, facilitated debate and use of video with group work to create a highly dynamic and engaging experience.
Our training is available in almost every country globally, with local language options in certain countries. Courses can be adapted for local cultures and ways of working.

Open courses

Accessible training options for core capabilities

Our open courses follow a standard format. Ideally suited to individuals seeking a capability uplift or being incorporated as part of a personal development plan, these highly interactive events present delegates with a dynamic environment in which to share experiences whilst learning how to apply best practice tools and techniques to develop capability. View the latest schedule of open courses here.

Online courses, eLearning and toolkits

Global team development, available worldwide on the desktop

We offer a range of online eLearning, available as single modules in our store or full course options via our subscription-based online tools 5i® Online and Red Sheet® Negotiation Online – combining extensive specialist eLearning courses, each highly interactive, video based and using the very latest technology, together with access to processes and a rich library of tools, templates and resources. A fully customized version, branded for your organization is also available with The Positive Purchasing Academy.

Our eLearning is the perfect to complement for classroom training enabling pre-and-post study for maximum learning impact, or our online courses are suitable to support a managed remote learning program for an entire global team where users can access modules on demand to develop capability at their own pace. We also offer the option of online eLearning modules uniquely developed for your organization for the topics where you need capability development across your team.

Buying Fundamentals - 1-Day

This 1-day training workshop is aimed at those in the organization who interface or interact with suppliers, or who are responsible for managing contracts or suppliers where there is significant spend or risk to the business. The course is designed to provide delegates with the core or fundamental buying skills that can make a difference and equip those staff with the essential tools and approaches needed to for effective contract and supplier management. It will also help to get the most from suppliers and the supply base.

The workshop is designed to be highly interactive with group work sessions to bring key concepts to life. The workshop culminates in delegates agreeing a top 10 “do’s and don’ts” for managing suppliers which can then be rolled out across the wider organization. The event is fully customizable and modules can be adapted to meet specific client requirements.

Learning objectives

By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

• Describe the basics of buying
• Describe the different ways suppliers gain advantage
• Determine which suppliers are more important than others and state why
• Define the business requirements for an area of spend
• Develop and implement arrangements to better manage a supplier relationship and drive improved performance
• Apply a series of tools to help understand our position and what we need to do to improve it

Who should attend

This course is suitable for:

• Anyone who manages a supplier
• Anyone who interfaces with a supplier
• Anyone who wants to learn the basics of procurement

What you get

This training is delivered by a highly experienced trainer and practitioner in this field and can be delivered exclusively for your company at almost any location worldwide. Delegates will receive:

• 3P agenda and joining pack sent out in advance to all delegates
• Full colour workbook hand outs
• A final certificate for all delegates who complete the course

Course contents

Modular, customizable and adaptable to match your specific requirements

• Introduction to buying fundamentals
• How suppliers gain advantage
• Day One analysis (including group work)
• What makes one supplier more important than another
• How to manage important suppliers (including group work)
• Supplier conditioning
• Managing the relationship, meeting suppliers and reviewing progress
• Managing supplier risk
• When things go wrong – dealing with supplier disputes (including group work)
• Top 10 “do’s and don’ts” for supplier and contract management

Find out more by downloading the Buying Fundamentals – 1-Day Training Prospectus

To book this course for your business or to discuss how we can customize the course for your specific needs, contact us today.

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Accelerated results delivery, on-the-job capability development and sustainable skills transfer

Coaching is an essential component of any capability development or transformational program, yet it typically remains the activity for which companies least provide. Once your team have completed the training, and with access to the right toolkit, “on the job” coaching helps as your teams begin to work on category, supplier or negotiation projects.

Our focused coaching programs provide just the right amount of support and development delivered by our experienced consultants. Program options range from periodic ‘health checks’ through to full time shadow coaching and are available at all levels and we can structure coaching programs to suit specific requirements. Options include:

Shadow coaching for rapid results delivery for procurement projects

Suitable to achieve high impact, rapid results and high skills transfer for specific categories of spend or important supplier relationships and is the most effective way to accelerate dramatic results delivery. Project delivery is assured through a program of intensive shadow coaching, working on the project side by side with your key member(s) of the team. Planned coaching and skills transfer for the duration of the program ensures your team become sustainable. Initially coaches might lead the program, gradually transferring this responsibility to the practitioners who will take the project forward.

Coaching for negotiation planning

Coaching support to help plan for a significant negotiation. Working together with your negotiation team, we combine coaching with ‘just-in-time education’ around the application of the Red Sheet® negotiation methodology to help you prepare for your negotiation. Negotiation coaching helps you develop a full negotiation plan, achieve full alignment by all who will be involved and support the negotiation and helps to anticipate and role play the event itself. Negotiation coaching is essential for any significant or critical negotiation in order to ensure you achieve your required outcomes.

Focused individual coaching

A focused program of coaching and skills transfer to support an individual, and perhaps linked to a specific project, with an agreed contact time duration. Focused coaching is one of the most powerful ways of achieving high impact results and these programs can be designed either as a pure ‘coach and mentor’ arrangement or combined coach and delivery resource, transferring skills along the way, for example facilitating key meetings early on prior to this responsibility transferring to the coachee. The coaching program can be delivered through blocks of days on a ‘call off’ basis over a set period of time, or a single agreed block of time.
The format of focused coaching is unique to each and every engagement or individual and so we will agree a coaching contract at the out to realize your goals and aspirations.

Coaching ‘health checks’

An highly affordable yet effective way to access specialized coaching support. Coaching is provided in short bursts of support just when needed, perhaps providing review and guidance on how to structure the way forward for several different projects being worked on by an entire team, each practitioner attending the ‘drop in coaching clinic’ in turn, typically run every 4-6 weeks for 2-3 days.

Health check coaching is perfect to follow on from training or project initiation and provides an opportunity to review progress at key milestones throughout the project, which in turn helps motivate team members to perform and achieve their agreed deliverables. Health check coaching is the most cost effective and accessible means of support yet provides the key support structure to ensure category, supplier and negotiation projects gain traction and realize their goals.

Executive coaching

Partner led coaching for executive and senior individuals to support procurement transformation, procurement strategy development and execution, leadership development, learning and development program development. Our executive coaching also delivers tailored education for senior individuals around category management, SRM or negotiation and how to lead and support these initiatives within an organization.

Our executive coaching programs and flexible and unique to every need. We can provide pure advisory support or work as part of your senior team to lead and deliver procurement transformation.

Want to know more?

Our consultants are highly experienced in their field and we can match the right individual, with specific sector or category experience, to the assignment.

To find out more about how our coaching programs can help your team and organization realize its goals, contact us today.