Targeted help from leading practitioners where you need it most

At Positive Purchasing, we are able to deliver focused and powerful help exactly where it is most needed in your organization. Our senior team of leading practitioners can translate their 26 years of experience into targeted consultancy to address the areas of concern in your business or purchasing team. Find out more about our team here.

Combining the team’s experience at a senior level, we are able to deliver purchasing consultancy covering a multitude of areas including diagnostic tools, development of transformation programs, identifying governance approaches and capability uplift for your team.

Mixing effective consultancy with proven tools and techniques

Alongside our trusted consultancy services, we are able to combine our consultancy support with our proven suite of tools and techniques including the Procurement Academy, World Class Assessment and Competency Assessment tools, 5i® Category Management and Positive SRM processes, and the Red Sheet® Negotiation tool.

Contact us today to find out the difference this can make to your organization.