Bespoke Toolkit and Training Development

Strategic sourcing and negotiation process, toolkits and training materials developed specifically for your organization

An organization-wide common language and ways of working are critical components within any transformation program. Yet organizations frequently founder trying to get this in place, or otherwise burn precious resource and time trying to invent or improve the resources to which practitioners need access. If the company process is made up of discrete elements brought by individuals from previous roles, the resulting hotchpotch of conflicting approaches with little alignment across business units can only hinder a truly strategic global approach. It may also leave the company unnecessarily exposed if it does not have the rights to use those materials.

As an alternative to our extensive range of ‘off the shelf’ procurement and negotiation processes, tools and training, we can develop your own unique methodology with a complementary suite of materials, review and improve that which you currently use or create your very own training course with a full suite of training materials. We can train-your-trainers to deliver your training programs or, alternatively, we can run these events for you.

We offer a range of approaches that ensure you have the full legal rights to use and apply key materials. These range from assignment of full intellectual property rights to your organization, time bound or perpetual licensing of our materials into your organization, or a combination of these.

Whatever the situation or the needs of your organization we can help create the process, tools, templates, materials and training uniquely for you and your specific requirements.

Options include:

Process, tools and templates

Strategic sourcing or negotiation processes with full suite of supporting reference materials for each component or step, and templates in the format your team most prefers.

  • Review and recommendations for improvement of what you currently have against best practice, leading to an agreed optimization and development program.
  • Development of a bespoke process built around our standard 5i Category Management, Orchestra of SRM or Red Sheet Negotiation methodologies, but adapted specifically for your organization, preserving certain core organizational practices or language, branded for you and licensed for use in your company.
  • Drawing on our extensive experience and knowledge in this area we will develop your own unique process and supporting tools, reference materials and templates. These will be fully branded for you, preserving core ways of working and with full assignment of intellectual property rights (or a perpetual license where our standard IP is included).

Training course design and delivery

Design of high impact training courses and programs to bring your own unique strategic sourcing or negotiation approaches to life and develop the capability of your team. Options include:

  • Course design including the ‘learning journey’ built upon blended and activity-based learning to bring theory to life.
  • Creation of the full suite of training course materials including agendas, handouts, bespoke case studies, training slide or presentation collateral, supporting aids and props, facilitators and tutor notes to run the training. Where created for you we will assign full intellectual property rights for this, or we can license our standard modules for use in your organization.
  • Train-the-trainer workshops to teach your key and skilled individuals how to lead and run your training courses.
  • Delivery of training for you, using your materials but with the course fully prepared by us and delivered by our experienced trainer consultants.

Custom designed eLearning modules

Using our extensive experience of online and remote learning, we can develop your own custom designed eLearning modules. Perfect for developing capability and getting a global team aligned to a specific concept or practice, custom designed eLearning is created in a format to suit you, designed with you by our creative team to help you realize your specific learning objectives. Options here include:

  • Interactive eLearning modules combining animated graphics, video clips and trainee interaction (questions or steps demanding responses), fully SCORM compliant and compatible for upload onto your own Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Video education modules – Using professional presentation, actor sequences and online graphics and filmed in HD. Available for deployment as a video file for your own distribution or streamed on demand via your own unique URL.
  • Stand alone, portable eLearning module using standard Microsoft desktop applications and suitable where there is a need for teams simply to have access to eLearning via a standard PowerPoint file. Incorporates video and audio instruction where required.

Bespoke online process, toolkit and eLearning

Based upon our Corporate Academy platform we can develop a bespoke, fully branded online solution that will provide full global team access to your unique process, tookit, tools, templates – and even your own unique eLearning modules.

  • Your own fully branded intranet site, with global managed access for your entire team.
  • Your own company processes, set up with ‘easy nav’ graphics so users can click straight to the supporting tools, templates and resources.
  • Your own company eLearning modules and promotional videos.
  • Supported administration and ‘content push’ to users to maintain user interest and interaction.
  • Managed reporting.