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Creating common best practice and global collaboration without the travel

The Academy is the complete online learning, resources and toolkit solution for purchasing practitioners. It allows you to not only increase capability without the travel, but also increase global collaboration and establish a common best practice, sourcing methodology and language in your organization.

We offer a range of options, each built upon our proven Academy Platform:

5i Online Category Management

5i® Online from Positive Purchasing provides everything today’s purchasing professional could need to apply the latest, best practice strategic procurement sourcing methodology to your key categories of third party spend – and it is only a click away.

5i Online provides practitioner access to the proven 5i Category Management Sourcing and Orchestra of SRM® (Supplier Relationship Management and Supplier Management) processes, enabling price, risk and cost reduction to maximize profitability while increasing innovation from the supply base.

Sourcing projects are made easy through best practice processes and toolkits, including templates and downloadable reference materials, that explain how to use each tool and technique. Learn at your own pace how to help make procurement a key strategic contributor to realizing organizational goals by taking the online training courses, using the latest high quality streaming video and eLearning technology.

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5i Online includes:

  • The 5i Category Management Sourcing Process
  • The 5i Lite Process – a streamlined version for less complicated areas of spend
  • The Orchestra of SRM – Supplier Relationship Management and 5ATM Strategic Collaborative Relationship Processes
  • Full supporting toolkits for each of the above, comprising downloadable tools, templates, reference workbooks, quick reference guides and examples to enable organization-wide collaboration and cross-functional working
  • High quality video streaming modules for each key tool or step
  • Full range of comprehensive interactive self-study eLearning modules
  • Individual learning plan management panel
  • Automatic content updates and enhancements

5i Online is available on a subscription basis for single users, small companies, groups or full corporate licenses. A valid subscription provides the user with a license to use the tools and materials. Current subscribers automatically receive content updates throughout the license term.

Red Sheet Online Negotiation

Red Sheet® Online is everything you could ever need to plan and conduct any type of negotiation and provides access to vast negotiation resources including: electronic Red Sheets and interactive negotiation planning; access to a wealth of tactics, techniques and culture; downloadable resources; and online learning using the latest high quality video tuition modules.

Red Sheet Online represents the newest and most exciting support system for anyone who negotiates and is a must have if you are serious about being highly effective at negotiation. A subscription to Red Sheet Online will enable you to plan any negotiation, collaborate with peers as needed and develop your negotiation capability. Includes:

  • Negotiation resources – Full downloadable reference guides, templates and examples to help for each of the 15 steps of Red Sheet negotiation planning and execution.
  • Video tuition modules – High quality streaming video modules for every aspect of negotiation planning, available to provide on demand training and support.
  • Online negotiation planning – Collaborate globally and plan your next negotiation on-line using the electronic Red Sheet tool or download the electronic version to use locally.
  • Negotiation tactics library – Find the tactic you need and know how to counter what they do; full access to our ever-increasing negotiation tactics library—the definitive collection of different things negotiators can do to steer negotiations toward achieving the desired outcomes.
  • Culture Country Guides – Match your negotiation to the culture with our extensive country-by-country guide that gives essential cultural information and planning tips for each country including the four cultural indicators used by Red Sheet.
  • Body language and spoken language module – Help read their position and avoid giving the game away with our body language and spoken language module including real examples of what to look for and what to avoid.
  • Negotiation e-learning – Learn key aspects of negotiation on-line without the travel using the range of on-line training courses. Manage and plan personal learning at the pace that suits you with your own personal training plan

Fully Customizable Corporate Academy

The Positive Purchasing Online Academy can be fully branded and customized for your organization. It can be configured to include use of our full toolkits, or your existing sourcing processes and toolkits – or even a mix of both – to give you the ultimate online resource for your organization. We can even create new sections unique to your business –perhaps providing a hub for organization charts, procurement objectives and other information you need to make available to your global teams.

The Academy is the perfect solution to uplift without the travel cost, establish collaboration and common ways of working across your team and gain access to best practice materials. The Academy is modular and fully configurable to your needs and includes:

  • Full 5i® Category Management module, or a variant customized for your organization
  • Option of full Red Sheet® Negotiation Module, customizable as needed
  • Option of Supplier Relationship Management module and Supplier Management module; customized as needed
  • Global file share and collaboration
  • Research tools module
  • Full online learning and courses using latest video and e-learning technology; option to create specific learning experiences for your organization
  • Fully branded and customized for your company
  • Automatic access to ongoing updates and support
  • Administration of content and users
  • License to use all materials and downloads within the organization
  • Video content filmed specifically for your organization

The Positive Healthcare Academy

Optimize your sourcing approach to reduce cost and unlock the hidden value in your supply base

The Positive Healthcare Academy equips procurement practitioners with all the tools required to deliver a dramatic reduction in third party spend and increase innovation in your supply base.

Combining the latest eLearning technology with the full range of processes, toolkits, reference materials and resources for strategic procurement, the Positive Healthcare Academy delivers value by enabling:

  • Practitioner access to best practice 5i Category® Category Management Sourcing and the Orchestra of SRM® (Supplier Relationship Management) processes
  • Access on demand to online toolkits, templates and eLearning to drive common language theory and high quality multimedia and interactive tools
  • Increased organizational profitability from reduced price, cost and risk
  • Better patient and social outcomes from supply base improvements

The cloud-based Academy supports all standard browsers and mobile devices, and is available on an annual subscription basis.

Additional options include high impact classroom training, Red Sheet® negotiation tool add-on or fully customizable Corporate Academy upgrade.

Download: The Positive Healthcare Academy datasheet