Future-proofing your purchasing team

The Positive Purchasing Competency Assessment program allows you to gain a structured insight into the capabilities of your purchasing team measured against best practice. The results help to design focused people-development programs concentrating on your highest priority areas. Our programs not only help identify competency gaps but also provide a framework to engage with every member of the team in a one-to-one situation.

If your Board need any convincing that investment in this area is necessary, our detailed assessment summary is precisely what you need to make the case compelling. For the latest Competency Assessment thought leadership, read our latest Insights

Competency assessment in action

Step 1: Identifying the competency areas that are critical to you – Starting with our proven competency assessment framework, we work with you to review the competencies that are most relevant to your team, organization and what you are trying to achieve. We then customize the framework to create the assessment program that is right for your organization.

Step 2: Candidates complete the first part of the assessment via the online Competency Assessment Portal – Candidates work through the self-assessment phase providing a response to each assessment criteria and supporting this by giving examples of work and achievements in each area to determine their self-assessment rating. At all stages, our online Competency Assessment system provides a real-time view of the progress of candidates in the assessment process.

Step 3: One-to-one interviews with an experienced purchasing practitioner – Usually lasting between one and two hours, during the interview the responses to each assessment criteria are reviewed and discussed along with examples of work in each area and key achievements.

Step 4: Individual report and personal development planning – The assessor moderates the candidate’s self-assessment, making adjustments to the overall ratings as appropriate. Finally, the assessor, together with the candidate, agrees the areas where personal development is required. Once complete, the candidate can then download their full report containing a complete record of the assessment with an analysis of strengths and areas for development.

Step 5: Management report with full cross-team results – Following the completion of the assessment, a summary management report is created with the full cross-team results and findings. This provides multiple analysis views to give key insights into overall strengths and development areas. The report also provides recommendations and a roadmap for a suitable people development program. Typically this might include recommendations for education and training, workplace coaching, or e-learning through our online Academy and self-study programs.

Helping to future-proof your purchasing team

Our Competency Assessment Program can provide certainty in understanding the mix and level of capability you have in your organization at present and what is needed for the future. The resulting management report can help with the clear business case for added investment in the right people to lift capability.

We can also provide a Leadership Competency Assessment bolt-on to assess capabilities within the management team to help leaders better understand their strengths and areas to develop.

A flexible Competency Assessment Program for all organizations

Suitable for organizations of all sizes, there are no minimum or maximum team sizes for the Positive Purchasing Competency Assessment Program. Our online Competency Assessment System can be customized to set the framework that is right for your team, taking seniority and experience into the equation.

We can make comparisons between different teams within a business, allowing different business units or geographic teams to be compared against a global standard. From this, a people development program can be developed with regional variations according to need.

Uncovering hidden issues in your purchasing team

Alongside assessing competencies, our assessment program allows us to gauge the overall mood, feel and level of enthusiasm within your team. It can also help us identify any hidden issues, allowing us to make a full and comprehensive report to the management team, defining actions that can help strengthen the team.

If you would like to get a structured insight into your purchasing team, contact us today to see how we could help you.